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100% Natural Fruit Pulp and Guacamole

Welcome to LUV! We are a family owned company dedicated to processing, packaging and distributing 100% fresh natural fruit pulps and guacamole. At LUV, we offer a wide variety of high pressurized, processed and packed fruit pulps and guacamole, with unrivaled flavors and freshness only LUV can offer.

Our family owned company was founded in 1996, in Ventura California, under the commercial figure FRESH DIRECTIONS INTERNATIONAL. Currently, we have commercial offices established in the state of Florida USA, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Our main goal is not only to process high quality fruit but to bring all products directly into final consumer hands, supermarkets and specialty market consumers.

Quality & Taste

Freshness you can taste.


100% Natural Fruit Pulp and Guacamole.


Deliver high quality, easy to use, healthy products you deserve.

To process, market and distribute with love the highest quality natural fruit pulps and guacamole ready for consumption.

To continuously provide the freshest products to our customers, guaranteeing 100% quality and flavor.

100% Natural Fruit Pulp And Guacamole